Matsudo Construction Co., Ltd.

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We will introduce the business contents of Matsudo Construction Co., Ltd.

Civil engineering work cleaning work

cleaning work

Use a pressure washer to clean the inside of the sewer pipe with water pressure.

research work

A robot camera shoots and investigates the inside of sewer pipes where people cannot enter.

Civil engineering work

Open-cut work

It is the most basic construction to dig and replace sewer pipes buried in the ground.

Upper manhole repair work

(LB method)The shearing force of the hydraulic machine peels off the manhole and replaces it.

Interior work

Internal coating work

(SPR method)Instead of digging roads, new pipes are wound around existing sewage pipes to extend their life.

Seismic retrofitting work

(Existing manhole seismic retrofitting method)By cutting and reinforcing the joints between manholes and sewage pipes, damage during earthquakes is prevented.

Seismic retrofitting work

(Floatless construction method)A dissipation valve is installed inside the manhole to prevent the manhole from rising due to liquefaction during an earthquake.

Concrete enforcement

Anti-corrosion coating for concrete structures

The progress of corrosion is prevented by applying anti-corrosion coating materials inside manholes that have deteriorated due to corrosion.